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Related article: Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 13:21:45 -0800 From: Bob Hook Subject: after-school-movie (part 4)A brief aside, if I may, to Lolita Dress wish each and all a very Merry Christmas, and a particularly sterling New year! Thanks, again, for all of the supportive emails, I appreciate each, and every one! After-School-Movie (Part 4)Mr. Carl Lolita Dress and I lay side by side on the sofa in the Theater mangers office, as he quietly spoke to me, and stroked my naked young body, soon generating another stiffy, which poked out from my few pubic hairs, and thrust against his bulging belly. " perfect!" purred Mr. Carl, as his big hand dropped down, and grasped my pulsing shaft, stroking it firmly in his hand, and smiling at me, saying, "Sweet quick to recover...!" I blushed, and nodded slightly, having no clue what to say, just knowing that I couldn't get enough of the incredible feelings this man generated in my slender body, and that I wanted to not waste a single second of my time with him!Mr. Carl continued to pump my stiff boy cock, and rubbed my smooth tummy, and chest, with his other hand. I remembered the burning sensation of him sucking my tiny nipples before, and silently wished that he would do it to me, again! His stubby fingers did graze my stiff little nubs a few times, and I shuddered, closing my eyes, and sighing deeply. Mr. Carl noticed, and chuckled, softly, saying, as if to himself, " little Robby likes that...!" He brushed his fingers lightly over my nubs, urging the tender tissue into pointy stiffness, then flicked out his tongue, and slaved both nipples, repeatedly, going from one, to the other, and back again! I arched my back, offering my tingling nipples up to the man, as his lips closed over each, in turn, and he sucked them, gently, then, softly closed his teeth down on each nipple, just barely biting, as I thrust my small chest at him, and groaned loudly!Mr. Carl raised his head from my chest, and took my thin wrists in his beefy hand, pushing my arms up, and over my head, as he scooted up a bit, and pressed his warm, wet, tongue into the hairless place under my arms, licking the creamy, wrinkled, skin there, and tickling, slightly, and I shuddered again, my young body on fire from this mans seemingly endless knowledge of ways to drive me crazy with sensation! He licked, and sucked, the soft skin there, moving his head back and forth, paying equal attention to both sides, as my revived little nail jerked, and twitched, leaking my watery juice onto my stomach, and my very sparse pubes! After thoroughly wetting my tender skin there, Mr. Carl returned briefly to my swollen nipples, then licked his way down my flat, smooth, tummy, pausing to tongue dive my small inny, then lower, gently tugging at my half dozen pubic hairs with his teeth! I rolled, flat onto my back, and thrust my groin up at the man, as he teased me, sending jolts of electric impulses through my body, my nerves singing in every part of me! I gasped, and groaned, chanting softly, "Ohhhh...Ahhhh...Mr. Carl!"I felt his large body quake, as he chuckled at my wonderment, and passion, for the feelings he sent coursing through me, and it only seemed to encourage him, as he promptly gripped my jerking tool, and slid its entirety into his warm, wet, mouth, sucking me yet again, and I rolled my head, groaning deeply! "Agggggg.....Unggggggg....!" My body racked with pleasure from the mans skillful ministrations! He sucked me, drooling heavily, and coating my shaft, and small balls, in his copious saliva, the slick fluid running off my scrotum, and drizzling into my tight butt crack! His big stubby fingers prodded my tiny balls, pushing the orbs all around, his fingers closing, to slightly pinch my wrinkled bag, as I groaned, thrusting my small hips off the sofa, offering my tight bag up to his exploring fingers, and tongue! He passed his tongue across the bag, licking and sucking, and gently inhaled each small ball into that warm cavern, sucking each one gently, then both, at once! "Ohhhhhh......Sir.....!" I croaked, my entire being streaming with pleasure, as I saw bright stars before my eyes!He shifted then, bringing his knees onto the sofa below my butt, and gripping my thin, hairless legs behind each knee, he brought my legs up toward my chest, supporting them on his broad shoulders, as he bent his head, and pressed his tongue into the rock hard skin just behind my balls, pushing his tongue there very hard, then walking it downward, as his big hands gripped my butt cheeks, pulling outward, and separating my two globes! I groaned loudly, as I felt his slippery, wet, tongue press into my hot crack, flicking, and probing, as it searched out, and found, my most sensitive spot, and pushed hard against it, as he licked my tiny pucker, seeking to penetrate! I groaned, willing my spread legs to open even more, so desperately I wanted to feel him there! "Aggggg.....Ohhhhh....Please....Sir! I wailed, feeling the sear of that probing tongue...there.... and I flinched tightly, small hands reaching out....grabbing fists full of the mans hair, my body thrusting upward, as his tongue lapped at me, and slipped inside the tight ring! I gasped, and tugged his hair, my small body twisting, and jerking, from the heavenly sensation of it all, and I erupted, my watery essence spraying from my jerking cock, flying everywhere, and painting my heaving chest, and soft tummy! "Ungggg...Ungggg....Ungggg.....! I chanted, as the crashing orgasm swept over me, and I pummeled Mr. Carl's head with my small fists, my tiny butt slamming into his licking face, as I humped, and bucked, into his probing tongue, stuffed deep inside my clenching tunnel!I collapsed, exhausted, back onto the sofa, gasping, and panting, my young body alive with feelings, and fatigue wept over me, as Mr. Carl retreated, and rose up between my legs, leaning over me, and bending, to lap, and lick away, my spent cream, as I lay still, chest heaving, my arms flopped to my sides, totally spent! Having eradicated all traces of my semen, Mr. Carl sat back on the sofa at my feet, smiling at me, and gently rubbing the insides of my thighs, his long fingers passing across my balls, and tracing the smallness of my now totally soft, small, cock! Finally my breathing returned to normal, and I opened my eyes to look at Mr. Carl, a huge grin crossing my face, as I said to the man, "Ohhhh, make me feel soooo good, all over!" He pulled me to him, and wrapping me in his big, strong, arms, hugged me tightly, and whispered, "No, young, sweet, is YOU, who make me a very, very, happy man!"(To be Continued)
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